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The Invasion Starter Pack

As the Triglavian invasion looms on the horizon with EVE’s upcoming new expansion, get a flying start in New Eden with 7 days of Omega premium access, giving you double skill training speed and more. Use this in combination with the Skill Points provided to develop quickly in desired areas and prepare for the imminent attack!

You can use the Abyssal Filaments to gain access to Abyssal Deadspace, facing the Triglavians before they emerge from where they reside!

All this, plus ship SKINs and character apparel to ensure that you and your starter spaceships look the part, make this an essential starter pack for any pilot.

Make sure to add EVE Online to your library before claiming this DLC!

Remember to log in after purchasing this DLC in order to claim its content! Act fast to get full use of the Omega time!

Full Starter Pack contents:

  • 7 days of Omega, ensuring Double training speed and many more benefits
  • 250,000 Skill Points, giving you a head start in skill training
  • Standard Cerebral Accelerator, boosting training and damage
  • 5x Tier 1 Abyssal Filaments, for access to Abyssal Deadspace
  • A stunning bundle of ship SKINs
  • Blood Raider apparel

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