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5 distinctively odd characters, each share their stories with you.
listen to what they have to say, then experience it from their perspectives in weird little games.

adult humor.  casual.

so there are these 5 weird little guys:

each of them has their own personality and a few stories to tell.  beware though, their manners and morals are somewhat handicapped.

so you’ll pick one of them, and off he’ll go, spewing saliva at you, as he passionately tells his tale.
every now and again, you will be thrust into the matter at hand, in the form of a weird little game.  play using only the mouse and left-click.

these little games not only convey a message, but more importantly a feeling.  often being frustration and fear of inadequacy, with some cases including decreased appetite and/or libido.

well, for one thing, because cringing is underrated.  for another, why not?

i say be spontaneous.  though for now, you’re gonna have to wait till:
Oct 18, 2018 @ 9:00am PDT

preferably somewhere private.

18 and over only.  PG is simply off the table m’kay, stop asking!
also, not for sensitive gamers!

well then let me take this opportunity to tell you how proud i am of you, for taking this brave step.  to put it bluntly, not everyone wears their balls on their face…

so when you’re ready, just press that button, take a deep breath in, and remember, you’ve got this, friend!  ;3

Поделиться ссылкой

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