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Here is a game that you will like. After all, in it you have to destroy almost everything you see on the screen! However, it is not so easy, because it should be done cautiously, trying to preserve a sacred totem. If he accidentally falls to the ground, the ancient gods are angry, Wake up the volcano and destroy everything around. That’s what you need to avoid. However, you need to destroy everything else and it turns the game into a real puzzle. Proceed with caution and you are sure to pass all the levels!


  • Interesting puzzle
  • Many levels
  • Nice graphics
  • Has Steam achievements
  • Suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux

The game has many levels of a variety of complexity, and as you progress through the complexity will only increase, so you just do not get bored. For destruction are available a variety of objects — from simple pieces of wood, to bombs and blocks of ice. All this has its own characteristics and they will need to be taken into account during the passage. The game is quite simple operation and you will not need to learn anything in advance, so that even the children will be able to play it and develop their logic. However, some levels may seem quite difficult. But this only increases interest in the game even more. Try it and you will like it!

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