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The Official Two Worlds Stratgegy Guide — STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVELOPERS!

Aye, friend… the world of Antaloor is indeed enormous… but don’t worry — you can’t get lost!
With the Official Strategy Guide for Two Worlds you’ll
— never miss out one single adventure
— solve the trickiest of quests
— find the weak spots of your strongest opponents!

There are countless monsters, sophisticated quests and a multitude of hidden Specials waiting to be discovered — by you! This book is a must for all "Two Worlds" fans who want to get the most out of this unbelievable RPG — in 368 pages, each with a wealth of insider information straight from the developers themselves, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about the fantastic land of Antaloor — opponents’ values, maps, hidden items, you name it…. it’s all in there!

This is every hero’s dream!


  • The "Who’s Who" of Antaloor: Get to know your friends and your foes — and all the Questgivers
  • All values at a glance: Detailed weapons statistics — with a picture of every weapon
  • Zoom into Antaloor: Detailed maps with lots of pointers and locations
  • Total Overview: The Quest Index helps you target specific solution methods — every time!
  • Complete Bestiarium: Inside information on your opponents’ classes — including their strengths and weaknesses!
  • Become a Potions Professional: Take an informative trip into the secret world of Alchemy!

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