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Why should you play this game?
If you want to play a fast game with a lot of fun;
If you like to read about environment;
If you like explosions;
If you like a good challenge;
If you like to listen tijolo (brick), moita (bush) or rápido (fast);
If you like sprays or insects, or dislike them too.

Insects are atacking you. Your only weapon is a Spray!
You woke up with shining flies in your window. They had had acess to radioactive trash, and now they are becoming bigger, faster and smarter.
But you have some can with an Spray to fight against them.
Spray Dynamite X Radioactive Insects is a 2D game, where you control a Spray to shoot versus the insect waves.
You have to survive for some minutes, having help of a brick, hiding in a bush or getting a speed plus, until the TNT appear.
Any insect you don’t kill, will return with some change, in speed, size, or atack.
There are 40 levels, being 20 on normal mode, telling the story, and more 20, where you can acess after play the first stage, in stage 21, who will tell the history too, but with a very improvement of difficulty.
You can play the full game with a controller, you just need to use the mouse to select the resolution before start the game.

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