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There is a difficult task you should fulfill. You need to make from a small eatery a chain of restaurants of Elite class. You will have to make decisions that will determine the popularity and profitability of your facility. Get the experience and knowledge of the restaurant business. Every 2 weeks the game will be updated.

Key features: [/ u]

Development: [/ b]

Develop your institution and buy new premises. Take credit or make a contribution to the Bank.

Competitors: [/ b]

Beside you there will be 2 competitors, which will also develop, buy premises and so on.
Be smarter and trickier to ruin them, and become number one in the city.

Advertising: [/ b]

It is a very important part of every facility. There are several ways to promote your facility:
* Billboards
* Radio
* The Internet
* Discounts

Market analysis: [/ b]

At the end of each day, you will be able to see a diagram showing the market share of each player and daily income and expenses.

Institutional Levels: [/ b]

In the game there are 3 types of establishments:
1) snack bar
2) cafe
3) restaurant

Increase your profits to improve your facility.

Attention! If the game becomes successful, we will take into account all your wishes and criticism, and make Restaurant Manager 2 as you see it.[/i][/i]

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