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Jewel of WonderLand — The new match 3 game is here, with brilliant jewels in over 600 dazzling puzzles!

A magical journey filled with waves of excitement and brilliant visuals! Swap jewels to clear the way, and match pieces to crush each challenge that lies ahead.


MATCH JEWELS in 600+ unique puzzles!
— Match jewels to blast your way through more than 600 different puzzles!

— Flow from one challenge to the next as you crush puzzles with ease! Match jewels to keep the puzzle blitz going! Don’t miss a beat, or your game might just be over.

— Crazy combos by using rare jewels at the right time. Blast the board clear and watch your score blossom!

DISCOVER rare Diamonds and Stars!
— Use the mysterious power of Diamonds to make big matches, and channel the force of Stars to match your way out of tight spots! With powers like these, you’ll have a blast matching your way through our games.

MASTER tricky obstacles like walls, pitfalls, and puzzling portals!
— Different games challenge you with different obstacles. Avoid pitfalls and flow through portals as you progress through this mysterious, magical saga!

VISIT beautiful backgrounds and amazing places!
— Head out on an epic saga travel across mystical worlds solving confounding puzzles.

EASY TO LEARN — hard to master! Can you earn 3 stars on every level?
— Use every bit of magical strength you have to crush each level’s high scores! You’ll only earn 3 stars when you have truly mastered each area.

TOP-NOTCH performance! Animated jewels and effects!
— Watch in awe as magical effects blossom to blast the board clear. Experience amazing animations and incredible effects!

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