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About the Game

Do you enjoy viewing pictures of various landmarks from around the world? Or discovering non-touristic views of famous places?

Regardless of whether you love to travel but do not have the time or opportunity for it, or if you are an experienced traveller and want to test your savvy, we hope our new game will bring you fun. “I Was Here” features more than 500 unique photos from more than 60 cities, interesting and little known facts about them, 3 difficulty levels and awesome music.

All photos in the game were shot by our friend who travels a lot around Europe, Russia and the Caucasus region in general. Though not a professional photographer or traveller, after several years of wandering the world, he developed a set of photos with an unusual perspective that delivers his own take on places both obscure and well-known. This game is a showcase of some of his works. Besides this, “I Was Here” also dishes plenty of amazing and interesting facts about places you might not know.

Gameplay comprises a meditative contemplation of photos in an attempt to guess the city they were taken in. Clues involving facts about the city will help you if you have doubts. There is also adynamic score (quiz) mode that contains one photo and 6 answer options with a 50/50 hint.

  • Classic mode with 3 difficulty levels(120+ game levels)
  • Quiz mode(50+ game levels)
  • 500+ unique 4k photos from over than 60 cities
  • Interesting facts about places on photos
  • In-game album(stores city names and photos which you already guessed)
  • Good chill music(solo piano, jazz, blues)
  • Handmade design


If you buy a game you will get 20 awesome 4k wallpapers for your desktop. Wallpapers will be placed in your "I was here" folder in steam Directory: …steamappscommonI was hereBONUS wallpapers

Coming soon:

  • Gamepad support
  • Steam leaderboard
  • Colour blind mode
  • Mac and Linux versions
  • More photos for quiz(score) mode
  • Trading cards(will be available after release)

Re-translation by Stardustsunday on Steam

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