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Save the world, kill enemies, joke about mice in the new game from Red Grad.
The game is a prequel of the game "Castor. The First Battle" and shows one of the stories that the grandfather told Castor about how he killed hundreds of thousands of enemies. We will take on this long but fun thing to make his story true. Grind, grind and grind again … or do the tasks and grind less but you will not get rid of it completely.
A non-main feature of the game is funny jokes about mice in which the game has so far 1 piece.
The game will be updated at least up to version 50 if the sale of the game even pays for its passage to Steam. If it is successful and you like it, it will be updated much longer, as well as other parts of the game universe will be released on Steam, as well as completely different projects that you will also like.
I am the most honest developer, so I’m telling you directly that if you don’t like to kill a lot of enemies for a long time, then you won’t like the game 100%.

[All further information made me write Steam, although I do not see the point in it]

JRPG game. More than 20 (26) weapons and more than 20 (25) types of armor or accessories are waiting for you, and there will be new ones in the updates. 5 types of enemies. Cute rat pups who even feel sorry for killing. Easy to learn fights with specials. skills and magic. A good story that will surprise you at the end (so that it turns out to be in the game).

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