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82 ₽ 20 ₽ скидка 76% — Забрать со скидкой!

Card games are a fun way to spend your leisure time. One of the most popular is «Blackjack», also commonly known as "twenty one" or "point". We diversified it by setting the rule that every loser takes one thing off!
No need to risk real money! There are no bets! For each successful game your opponents will pull off a piece of their clothes!
Your opponents in the game can be incredibly attractive anime girls or boys, and these are random players that you find online.
The rules are simple: score 21 points with your cards or get as close as possible to this number. In our game, the scoring system is automated! You do not have to spend time on it.
Sit down and enjoy fast games with excitement. Undress your opponent! — The best incentive to fight for victory!

— Charming girls and guys in anime style!
— Nudity and juicy striptease!
— Intuitive interface!
— Simple rules!
— Automatic scoring!
— Quick games!
— Multiplayer support!
— Atmospheric music!
— Gambling and addictive gameplay!

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